Our Electronic Stethoscope Empowers People to do DIY Heart and Lung Screenings at Home.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death globally, but up to 80% of deaths can be prevented through early screenings and interventions. We offer an electronic stethoscope and guided user interface so that patients can record their heart sounds from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of home.

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benefit from enhanced convenience, accessibility, and quality of telemedicine visit 


save time and have access to critical patient data on demand


save money through outpatient monitoring, early detection, and improved outcomes

"Korion Health understands that for telemedicine to be successful, it needs to be accessible. Their novel device moves the cardiopulmonary exam into the patient's home, allowing more complete and more timely diagnosis of cardiac disease."

Dr Eric Dueweke, MD MBA FACC

Korion Health Faculty Advisor

Clinical Assistant Professor

Director, Care Innovation, Heart and Vascular Institute

Medical Advisor, Wolff Center Quality Review Committee

Team Leadership

Anna Li, MD PhD Student



Akshaya Anand, MS Machine Learning 



Eric Dueweke, MD MBA FACC

Faculty Advisor


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